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The 2021 Wrap Up

Here is short wrap up of our most talked about dishes from 2021. Thanks for subscribing and following us. Lots more planned for 2022.

Taco Soup

This is just a fun easy soup to put together. Don’t worry about getting fancy with the ingredients, focus on having fun serving and eating. This is simply Taco Tuesday in a cup. Let’s start with the basics. 1 lb. gound beef browned and drained1 large onion diced1 can of black beans (or pinto beans)1Continue reading “Taco Soup”

Vegetable Beef Soup

Since we are in the middle of January, we are in the middle of soup season. There is something amazing and inner peace inducing about a a good bowl of soup. As with any old favorite, there are at least 50 variations to be found and that is if you don’t look to hard. VegetableContinue reading “Vegetable Beef Soup”

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